Activate your deal for a period of up to 3 months
Campaign to send unlimited emails.
Send up to 250 SMS messages.
Campaign to promote a deal with up to 10,000 impressions in social networks (Facebook and Instagram).
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Note: Emailing and SMS campaigns will be delivered to your contacts registered in KW Control Panel

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PromoMap is a digital technology platform for any user searching for deals nearby and works by proximity.

It is a digital marketing tool for advertising and media agencies, designers, students, households, etc., that can affiliate all kind of establishments in their street, neighborhood or area, uploading the deals of their clients to the PromoMap system and earning excellent commissions.

Our system allows to launch digital campaigns to accelerate and viralize the deals and promotions uploaded to PromoMap, either through Mailings, SMSs, social media campaigns and by sending alerts to mobile devices within the area of influence of the store. We can measure consumer behavior within a specific geofence, as well as sales redemption.

Our vision is to become the most important source of information about consumer promotions globally.

Our mission is to offer a practical and effective platform to communicate promotions and be an effective advertising tool for Agencies.

PromoMap is especially useful for:

  • Replacement of printed coupons, catalogs, brochures and flyers
  • Incentive sales
  • New product launches
  • Relocate inventories (avoid relocation of products between stores)
  • Increase traffic in low seasons, days or times of low traffic
  • React quickly to the efforts of the competition
  • Generate impulse purchases
  • Business to Business promotion control (B2B)